Henning von Berg’s anniversary retrospective

In 1997, Henning von Berg started his artist career with a provocation. To this day, the former engineer maintained his penchant for architectural backdrops, whimsical group scenes and impertinent humour. HvB purposely loves to play with traditions and taboos.

Von Berg's work has been included in more than 400 publications, represented in numerous international exhibitions. Right in time for the 10-year-jubilee of his career as a photographer (1997-2007), a long overdue retrospective is published.

The monograph book is presenting 103 unique photos of males from all over the world. 72 young guys and mature men between 23 and 61 years of age, all skin colors and ethnics, various figure types, crazy themes, exotic locations – all spiced-up with a pinch of fun.

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  Hardcover with dustjacket
160 pages, full-color/duotone
21.5 x 28.5 cm (8.25 x 11.25")

ISBN: 978-3-86187-468-3
USD 76.50 $∣GBP 34.95 £₤ | AUD 99 $
EUR 46.95 € (F, E, I, NL)∣CHF 71 f

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