„He refutes avant-garde posturing with well-conceived convention. He respects his models' individual personalities, refusing to submerge them in superfluous stylistic nonsense. […] In all his dealings with the nude, Henning von Berg entertains a sense of mischief without ever being offensive. […] Most of his models are not professional, which may explain their readiness to be infected by Henning von Berg's enthusiasm, and captivated by easy charm. In many of these images you can almost physically sense how photographer and the model collude in the adventure – not a sexual one, but certainly one that is fused with erotic power.”

(From the Preface by Boris von Brauchitsch)

Henning von Berg prefers to work with amateur models, natural lighting and in unusual settings. The self-taught photographer likes to organize crazy group scenes and romantic solo sessions, too. The former engineer has maintained his penchant for gigantic buildings and breath-taking landscapes to this day, both things that make his images so distinctive.

For you we are presenting selected pictures from the 160 page, large format coffee table book on this website. Of course, the complete monograph will offer you many more very exiting images. Follow the photographer into a world with unique alpha males! Order the book today and own it very soon.

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