Panorama Photographs on Canvas
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To this date, Henning von Berg has produced 6 beautiful panorama images in Australia, Europe and America. Due to the size of the book (21.5 x 28.5 cm; 8.25 x 11.25 inches) those unique pictures had to be cropped; unfortunately the monograph can only feature extracts.

Here we're offering you the exclusive chance to own the complete panorama photos. The extra-long images in landscape format are most decorative as panoramic prints on canvas. Our elegant version will show the canvas wrapped around the wooden frame with the image reflected on the sides. This definitely is the perfect gift!
Format: 60 x 135 cm (approx. 23 x 53 inches)
Material: Print on canvas,
wrapped around a frame
Price: EUR 290,00 € per item
plus shipping & handling

If you need details regarding the purchase of panoramic canvas prints, please simply send an email. No consulting charge.

Info & order: Order@BookAlphaMales.com
english version
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